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Meeting Notice
Thursdady 11/20
Telos Alliance
6pm Dinner
7pm Meeting
Loaction: TBD

BGS has arranged for Everyone from Telos to be here to talk about God only knows what:) But put Frank Foti, Tim Carroll, Kirk Harnack and Jim Armstrong in a room with a bunch of NYC engineers and who knows what will In all seriousness as soon as I get more info, I will pass it along..

2014 NYC EAS Schedule is out!

Chairman’s Notes


Thanks for an fantastic event with the folks from NewTek!!! 


For this month we have a trifecta of presenters for SBE15...Frank Foti, Tim Carroll and Kirk Harnack.


Buck from BGS was a big help setting this one up for us. I will have location and topic as soon as we can figure that out. Check for updates.


 If anyone would like to host this one, please let me know ASAP.


Hope to see many of you there!!!


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