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Meeting Notice
Adaptive Rate Streaming
Telos Alliance

Kirk Harnack from the Telos Alliance will inform and entertain during a fast-paced dinner meeting.

Many radio stations are streaming their audio to Internet listeners these days.  But for streaming listeners there are some complications.  A big one is stream selection.  Some stations provide different links to streams at various bit rates or coding algorithms.  Other stations provide one stream at a low bit rate that should work for everyone, but is limited in quality.   The solution is Adaptive Rate Audio Streaming.  Video streamers such as Netflix and YouTube have been doing this for a few years, and now audio-only providers have some ways to do it as well.  Three standards exist now for Adaptive Rate Audio Streaming: Microsoft Smooth Streaming, Apple HLS, and MPEG-DASH.  We'll look at these and demonstrate Apple HLS setup and implementation.  We'll see how ordinary browser software on smartphones and modern computers are ready to play Adaptive Rate Audio Streaming right now.


When : Thursday November 19th

6pm Dinner

7pm Meeting

Where: CBS Radio

345 Hudson St. NYC

If you did not RSVP please do not attend. Your name needs to be on the security list.

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Chairman’s Notes

This month we will be talking Adaptive Rate Streaming with Kirk Harnack of Telos Alliance. This is sure to be informative, as streaming is a major push for all of us.


And.....The SCMS crew will even be buying dinner :)



Come check out the new CBS Radio Performance space at 345 Hudson St. Dinner is at 6pm and the meeting starts at 7pm on Thursday November 19th!


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