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New York City Frequency Coordinator (Under 1

Louis Libin
Comm, Inc.
382 Forest Ave
Woodmere, NY 11598
516 374-6700

NYC 1Ghz Up


Leo Rosenberg passed away in 2014. We will miss him at SBE15 and wish his family well.


If you are interested in taking on this responsibility, please let us know.



Coordination for Mobile ENG Frequencies - list of ENG
channel coordinators for 2 GHz and 7 GHz.


The New York City Metropolitan Area Frequency Coordinating Committee coordinates
stations licensed under part 74, part 78 or section 101.803(b) of the FCC rules and operating in the following frequency

  • 25.85 - 26.48 MHz
  • 161.625 - 161.775 MHz
  • 450 - 451 MHz
  • 455 - 456 MHz
  • 944 - 952 MHz (until the new rules become effective)
  • 1990 - 2110 MHz
  • 2450 - 2500 MHz (Mobile only, after the new rules become effective)
  • 6875 - 7125 MHz (Mobile only, after the new rules become effective)
  • 12700 - 13250 MHz (Mobile only, after the new rules become

The Federal Communications Commission released new rules
that changed the coordination of fixed stations in the 944 MHz, 2.5 GHz, 7 GHz,
13 GHz bands from local committee to prior coordination notice (Report and
Order; FCC 02-298; adopted October 30, 2002; released November 13, 2002):

The FCC delayed the effective date of
prior coordination procedures for most fixed point-to-point Aural and TV
Broadcast Auxiliary Service stations to October 16, 2003.



Information is furnished by licensees for the pupose of selecting frequencies to
avoid interference. No other use or disclosure may be made of this information